Distinctive Silver Jewelry

Fine Silver Pendants

I make two types of Fine Silver Pendants using PMC silver techniques. You could call them, "contemporary", and "traditional".

Most of my "traditional" pendants are copies of antique buttons from a collection owned by a friend of mine. They are rendered in silver and decorated on the reverse side to provide visual interest even when the pendant has accidentally turned over. Some are polished to a beautiful bright luster, others are chemically surface treated to yield interesting surface colors, or enameled. Still others have real or synthetic gemstones to create extra sparkle. These can be personalized with your birthstone.

Prices vary by size, amount of silver and number and cost of gemstones and do not include the cost of the chain or neck ring.
Small (dime size) are $ 25 to $35
Medium (quarter size) are $ 40 to $ 60
Large (half dollar to silver dollar size) are $ 65 to $95

Sterling chains or neck wires are priced separately depending on length, weight of silver and style and range from $10 to $60

I particularly love to create one-of-a-kind "contemporary" pendants, because I can let my imagination soar. These pieces generally appeal to women who have a lot of pizzaz and like their jewelry to show it.

Prices vary from $85 to $200 and include the chain or neck ring as part of the design.

Click on a small image to see a larger view.


Small antique button pendants
a. Lilly of the valley
b. Lady profile
c. Eight point star *
d. Three flower cluster with 22Kgold
e. Six-fold geometric design *


Medium antique button pendants
a. Tree of life* with 3 2mm CZs
b. Chrysanthemum with sapphire *
c. Square *
d. Lady Profile
e. Round with scrolls *


Large antique button pendants
a. Chrysanthenum with 5mm garnet *
b. Geranium leaf with 3mm stone *
c. Swirl with 5mm garnet *
d. Two birds in a flowering tree
e. Chrysanthenum with 4 2mm topaz*


Gaia with sapphire on Sterling mesh neck wire


Antiqued geranium leaf with cultured pearl


Pennants with CZs on curved bar Sterling chain


Intertwined coils with matching earrings*


Free form fine silver pendant with fs wire curls


Large leaf with 5mm aquamarine


LaceJabot with 13-2mm CZs on mesh neckwire