Distinctive Silver Jewelry

Flamework Glass Bead Jewelry

The bead pendants shown as F006-F009 use either brass or sterling silver wire as bails. These are only a small sample of the wide variety and colors available. They can be worn on leather, silk or metal chains or used as pulls for fans or shades. Prices vary with size and complexity of the beads.

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Turquoise glass and silver bead necklace


Black and 22K gold beads strung with vermeil and onyx beads


Turquoise glass, onyx and silver bead necklace


Japanese style cherry blossom glass beads with black glass spacers and handmade fine silver clasp


Lavender, blue, white swirl glass beads and brass toggles


Bittersweet glass bead and brass pendant


3 Examples of "Falling Leaf" pendants, Fall Colors


4 Examples of Delft blue and white glass pendants


2 Examples of Turquoise bead pendants