Distinctive Silver Jewelry

Celestial Objects

As you might imagine from the name of my studio, "Orion Arts", I am fascinated by the beauty of the night sky and its constellations. Orion the hunter has always been my favorite, and I eagerly await his appearance in the winter sky. Incidentally, my cat, Orion, is also an excellent hunter.

A quilting friend of mine created my craft show banner which features Orion (the constellation not the cat) doing battle with her interpretation of the Orion Nebula. It is a beautiful and striking piece.


Here is a wonderful picture of the real Orion nebula taken from the Hubble space telescope (click on it to see a larger view). For more great space pictures check out spacetelescope.org.


My latest designs are based on actual or fanciful astronomical objects and events like solar or lunar eclipses, birth of a star, planets, comets, solar flares, nebulae, etc. Each is an object of beauty. Each is made of fine silver. Some incorporate my own handmade silver and/or flamework glass beads. In many of the designs, the central bead rotates on an axis for added interest.

No two are alike and I haven't run out of ideas yet! So, keep watching this spot for the latest in celestial events.

Prices include the sterling silver chain or neck ring and range from $ 45 through $150 to. infinity!

Click on a small image to see a larger view.


"Solar Flare" with silver beads on SS neckwire (sun rotates)


"Solar Heat" pendant (sun rotates)


"New Planet" on SS V-neckwire


"Solar Burst" rorating sun with 3 CZ planets with silver beads on SS neckring


"New Star" with 3mm aquamarine, SS V-neckwire


"Moonfilght" owl with CZ eyes on SS chain


"Starburst" with 3mm aquamarine SS chain


"Starburst" with 3mm aquamarine on SS v-neckwire